Cuernavaca, Mexico, August 1st to 31, 2004.

View from Xochicalco's summit (40 km from Cuernavaca)


Scientific Organizers:

Luis Benet
Centro de Ciencias Fisicas, UNAM
Centro Internacional de Ciencias A.C.
benet @

Thomas Guhr
Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University
thomas.guhr @

Jac Verbaarschot
Dept. Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook
verbaarschot @



       During August of 2004 we expect to bring together leading experts of Random Matrix Theory in different fields of physics and mathematics. The purpose is to exchange results and engage in joint work in this main and vast topic, having one or two seminars each day, leaving most of the time for discussions and collaborations.

    From August 16th to 21th 2004, within the framework of the Gathering, we will
celebrate the 60th birthday of Thomas H. Seligman with the Symposion Quantum Chaos in the 21st Century. The focus of this meeting is on the 21st Century, on the future. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could keep this spirit, contributing with new results instead of reviewing past achievements.

List of Participants

Sven Åberg University of Lund, Sweden 15.8-29.8

Gernot Akemann CEA Saclay, France 28.7-14.8
Yoram Alhassid Yale University, USA 15.8-28.8

Luis Benet
CCF, UNAM and CiC local

Oriol Bohigas LPTMS, Orsay, France 14.8-31.8

Giulio Casati University of Como, Italy

Poul Damgaard NBI Copenhagen, Denmark 21.8-31.8

Jorge Flores

Antonio Garcia-Garcia LPTMS, Orsay, France 15.8-25.8

Thomas Gorin
University of Freiburg, Germany

Johan Grönqvist University of Lund, Sweden 28.7-22.8

Thomas Guhr
University of Lund, Sweden

Hugo Hernández Inst. de Física, UNAM

Eugene Kanzieper Weizmann Institute, Israel 1.8-21.8

Vladimir Kazakov
ENS, Paris, France

Heiner Kohler University of Heidelberg, Germany 28.7-22.8

Vladimir Kravtsov ICTP, Trieste, Italy 14.8-29.8

Sergey Kun
CCF, UNAM local

François Leyvraz CCF, UNAM

Bernhard Mehlig Chalmers, Göteborg, Sweden 1.8-21.8

Taro Nagao Nagoya University, Japan 5.8-27.8

M. Carolina Nemes UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brasil 21.8-29.8

Shinsuke Nishigaki Shimane University, Japan

Thomas Papenbrock ORNL, Oak Ridge, USA 15.8-28.8

Mauricio Pato
University of Sao Paolo, Brasil 14.8-28.8

Tomaz Prosen University of Lubljana, Slovenia 1.8-31.8

Rudi Schäfer
University of Marburg, Germany

Holger Schanz MPI für Strömungsforschung, Germany 3.8-21.8

Thomas H. Seligman

Uzy Smilansky Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel 15.8-29.8

Kim Splittorff NBI, Copenhagen, Denmark 2.8-18.8

Jacobus Verbaarschot SUNY at Stony Brook, USA 15.8-31.8

Hans A. Weidenmüller
MPI, Heidelberg, Germany

Tilo Wettig University of Regensburg, Germany 17.8-1.9

Paul Zinn-Justin
LPTMS, Orsay, France

Marko Znidaric University of Lubljana, Slovenia 1.8-21.8

* To be confirmed

Arrival information

Please, visit this site regularly as dates and participants may change.
Participation in the Gathering is by invitation only. If you may have interest in participate, please contact the organizers.

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