From Mexico city's airport
All international flights arrive in Mexico City at the arrival gate "E".

As you come out from terminal "E", the buses to Cuernavaca can be
boarded some 100m towards the left (between gates D and E).
The company is called "PULLMAN DE MORELOS".The busses
are leaving  from 6.40 am to 11.20 pm, every 45 minutes.
You have
to buy your ticket before entering the bus, at
terminal "E2" which is
one level above
. The cost is 100 mexican pesos, a bit less than 10 USD.

You will arrive in Cuernavaca at "Casino de la Selva" bus station.
There you can take a taxi. It is recommended that you fix the price
when boarding the taxi. The maximum price to the guesthouse is about
40 pesos, but may be increased in the evening.

Guesthouse Address:
                                   Calle Plutarco Elias Calles #20
                                   Colonia del Club de Golf
                                   Cuernavaca, Morelos
                                   Tel: 312 99 13

                                   (dos cuadras al sur al sur de la Comercial
                                   Mexicana de av. Morelos Sur.)
                                   This information is for the taxi driver if needed.
CCF (Centro de Ciencias Fisicas, UNAM)
                                   Avenida Universidad 1001
                                   Campus UEAM-UNAM
                                   Tel.  +52 (777) 329-1782 (L. Benet)
                                   In front of "Centro de Fijacion de Nitrogeno";
                                   (just before the turn towards the "Instituto de

(Centro Internacional de Ciencia)
                                   Avenida Universidad 1001
                                   Campus UEAM-UNAM
                                   Tel.  +52 (777) 329-1877/6
                                   Beside the "Instituto de Biotecnologia"

In case of emergency:

                                     Luis Benet

                                    Thomas H. Seligman
                                    Tel: +52 (777) 311 59 77


Last modified on July 23th, 2004, by Luis Benet.