From Mexico city's airport
At terminal 1 all international flights arrive in Mexico City at the arrival gate "E". After leaving arrival gate E2 or E3 turn left (If you come from Central or South America E1 turn rigth) to find yourself in the main corridor. On the right hand side you find money machines which accept international credit cards and account cards. To board the buses to Cuernavaca turn to the left (rigth) after a distance which will depend on which E gate you have used. Then go up the conveyer belt. Follow the signs "Autobuses a Cuernavaca". After crossing a bridge you find a desk where you can buy tickets for the bus.

At terminal 2, which is new and much smaller, you will find the bus to Cuernavaca easily outside the arrival area; please inquire for exact location.

All buses leave from terminal 1, but stop at terminal 2.
The company is called "PULLMAN DE MORELOS" and the buses are leaving from 6.30 to 00.30 , approximately every 30 minutes ( bus schedule ). The cost is 203 Mexican pesos, about 14 US dollars. It takes about 90 minutes to Cuernavaca, depending on the traffic.

You will arrive in Cuernavaca at "Casino de la Selva" bus station. There you can take a taxi. It is recommendable that you buy the taxi ticket inside the bus station at the counter. The maximum price to the guesthouse is about 40 pesos, but may be increased in the evening.

In case that you arrive too late to catch the last bus to Cuernavaca, you have two options:

1) You can take a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the hotel "Montreal" or to the hotel "Finisterre", which are very close to Tasqueña bus station, the price per night is around US$40. This information is for the taxi driver: "Los hoteles Montreal y Finisterre se encuentran al sur, sobre Tlalpan, y estan cerca de la terminal de autobuses de Tasqueña". Next morning, go to Tasqueña bus station and take a "PULLMAN DE MORELOS" to Cuernavaca "CASINO DE LA SELVA".

2) There is a hotel inside the airport at terminal 1, the price per night is around US$200.

Guesthouse Address:
Calle Plutarco Elias Calles #20 (esq. con Amates)
Colonia del antiguo Club de Golf
Cuernavaca, Morelos
Tel: 312 99 13
(dos cuadras al sur al sur de la Comercial Mexicana MEGA de av. Morelos Sur.)
This information is for the taxi driver if needed.

CiC (Centro Internacional de Ciencias)
Avenida Universidad 1001
Tel. +52 (777) 329-1877/6
Beside the "Instituto de Biotecnologia"

In case of emergency:
Cinzia Ocampo
Tel: +52 (777) 329 18 77

Last modified on 14.February.2011.