Academic Year 2018

Boris Chirikov, a pioneer of dynamical chaos
(conference in memory of Boris Chirikov on his 90th birthday)

Monday, June 11th - Friday, June 15th, 2018

Organizing Committee:
Leonid Bunimovich, Georgia Tech (USA)
Giulio Casati, University of Insubria (Italy)
Felix Izrailev, BUAP (México)
Tomaz Prosen, University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana)
Thomas H. Seligman, ICF-UNAM (México)
Manan Vyas, ICF-UNAM (México)

First Announcement



The Gathering will take place at the Centro Internacional de Ciencias (CIC), which is located on the campus of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM) in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Arrival Information:
Arriving at the airport in Mexico City, we recommend to take the direct bus "Pullman de Morelos" to Cuernavaca. At terminal 1, the ticket counter is located inside the airport on the second floor (flights arrive on the first floor). At terminal 2, the ticket counter is located outside the arrival area. All buses start from terminal 1 but stop at terminal 2. Buses operate from 04:00 to 00:30 daily, approximately every 30 minutes. The ticket costs 250 Mexican Pesos (14 US Dollars). It takes about 90 minutes to Cuernavaca, depending on the traffic. You will arrive in Cuernavaca at the "Casino de la Selva" bus station, from where you can take a radio taxi to the hotel/CIC guest house. We recommend to buy the taxi ticket inside the bus station at the counter or right at the exit gate. A taxi from the bus stop to the hotel/CIC guest house costs about 70 Mexican Pesos (4 USD).

L. Benet (ICF-UNAM, México)
L. Bunimovich (Georgia Tech, USA)
L. Celardo (IFUAP, Puebla)
S. Flach (Daejeon, S. Korea)
S. Ganeshan (City College of NY, USA)
V. Galitski (University of Maryland, USA)
J. Hirsch (ICN-UNAM, México)
F. Izrailev (IFUAP, Puebla)
C. Jung (ICF-UNAM, México)
S. Lerma (Facultad de Fisica, Universidad Veracruzana)
F. Leyvraz (ICF-UNAM, México)
F. Masset (ICF-UNAM, México)
A. Mendez (IFUAP, Puebla)
R. Mendez (ICF-UNAM, México)
H. Pastawski (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina)
M. Robnik (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
L. Santos (Yeshiva University, USA)
T. H. Seligman (ICF-UNAM, México)
E. J. Torres-Herrera (IFUAP, Puebla)
M. Vyas (ICF-UNAM, México)
L. Aurora Moreno (IFUAP, Puebla)
J. Chavez (ICN-UNAM, México)
N. Chavez (IFUAP, Puebla)
C. Danieli (CTCS, S. Korea)
C. Gonzalez (ICF-UNAM, México)
F. Gonzalez Montoya (ICF-UNAM, México)
M. Jimenez (Universidad de Sonora, Sonora)
Crt Lozej (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
J. Luis Lopez (San Luis Potosi Autonomous University)
A. Martinez (IFUAP, Puebla)
F. Mattiotti (IFUAP, Puebla)
Diana Milena Uriza (IFUAP, Puebla)
J. Molina (IFUAP, Puebla)
A. Ortega (ICF-UNAM, México)
E. Rozenbaum (University of Maryland, College Park)
C. Teresa Martinez (IFUAP, Puebla)

Guesthouse Address:
Calle Plutarco Elias Calles #20 (esq. con Amates)
Colonia del antiguo Club de Golf
Cuernavaca, Morelos
Tel: 312 99 13
(dos cuadras al sur al sur de la Comercial Mexicana MEGA de av. Morelos Sur.)
This information is for the taxi driver if needed.

Hotel Posada Tlaltenango
Zacatecas 77, Jardines de Tlaltenango
62173 Cuernavaca, Morelos

CIC (Centro Internacional de Ciencias)
Avenida Universidad 1001
Tel. +52 (777) 329-1877/6
Beside the "Instituto de Biotecnologia"

In case of emergency:
Cinzia Ocampo
Tel: +52 (777) 329 1877
Thomas Seligman
Mob: +52 (777) 192 7736

A limited number of rooms are avaliable at the CIC guesthouse, located in the city center of Cuernavaca. The hotel Posada Tlaltenango will also offer lodging at a special rate.

Financial Support by:

CONACYT C.B. 219993




If you are interested to participate or have further questions, please contact: chirikov.cicc.2018 (at)