Academic Year 2017

Transport at the Nanoscale: Molecules, Graphene and more
September 17th - October 07th, 2017


Transport at the nanoscale can be described within various formalisms and can relate to different quantities being transported. This conference aims at bringing together experts from different fields to encourage fruitful interactions between them, focusing on the following areas:
Graphene & 2D Materials Molecules
Nanoribbons & Nanotubes
Chiral Matter & Weyl Semimetals
Charge, Heat & Spin Transport
Energy Dissipation & Conversion


In the second week (25 - 29 September) of the event an international conference will take place with approximately 6 talks (50min plus 10min for discussion) per day and a poster session. Further inforamtion about the conference can be found at:

This conference will be framed by two workshops (or scientific gatherings) in the week before (17 - 24 September) and after (30 September - 07 October) the conference. The aim of these workshops is to stimulate scientific exchange, which allows to start new collaborative research projects or to enforce existing ones. Therefore, during the workshops we will have only 2-3 longer talks per day but a plenty of time for discussions. Each participant will also get a desk in one of the offices at the CIC.


Thomas Stegmann ICF-UNAM (Mexico)
Carmen Herrmann Hamburg University
Francois Leyvraz ICF-UNAM (Mexico)
Emerson Sadurni IFUAP-BUAP (Mexico)
Douglas Klein Texas A & M University (USA)
Tomaz Prozen University of Ljublijna (Slovenia)
Yenni Ortiz ICF-UNAM (Mexico)
Adrian Ortega ICF-UNAM (Mexico)
Carlos Gonzalez ICF-UNAM (Mexico)


Salvador Barraza-Lopez USA 24.09-30.09
Jose Eduardo Barrios-Vargas Mexico 24.09-06.10
Claudia Bautista Mexico 24.09-28.09
Matias Berdakin Chile 24.09-01.10
Raul Bustos-Marun Argentina 25.09-06.10
Ramon Carrillo-Bastos Mexico 18.09-29.09
Pavel Castro-Villareal Mexico 24.09-29.09
Nahum Chavez Mexico 18.09-06.10
Angela Camacho de la Rosa Mexico 25.09-29.09
Luca Celardo Mexico 18.09-06.10
Michael Deffner Germany 23.09-07.10
Dan Diaz Mexico 25.09-29.09
Luis Foa-Torres Chile 24.09-06.10
Ignacio Franco USA 24.09-29.09
Patricio Garcia Mexico 25.09-29.09
Jovani Guzman Mexico 25.09-29.09
Eric Heller USA 24.09-30.09
Carmen Herrmann Germany 23.09-06.10
Susanne Kroencke Germany 23.09-07.10
Francois Leyvraz Mexico 18.09-06.10
Axel Lorke Germany 23.09-30.09
Francesco Mattiotti Italy 18.09-06.10
Vladimiro Mujica USA 26.09-30.09
Gerardo Naumis Mexico 25.09-30.09
Abraham Nitzan USA 23.09-28.09
Maurice Oliva Mexico 25.09-29.09
Adrian Ortega Mexico 18.09-06.10
Yenni Ortiz Mexico 18.09-06.10
Julio Palma USA 24.09-29.09
Horacio Pastawski Argentina 24.09-06.10
Isaac Rodriguez-Vargas Mexico 25.09-29.09
Rogelio Rodriguez-Gonzalez Mexico 25.09-29.10
Fernando Rojas-Iniguez Mexico 24.09-29.09
Pedro Roman-Taboada Mexico 23.09-29.09
Emerson Sadurni Mexico 25.09-29.09
Nancy Sandler USA 25.09-29.09
Laura Serkovic-Loli Mexico 25.09-29.09
Thomas Stegmann Mexico 18.09-06.10
Thomas Seligman Mexico 18.09-06.10
Thijs Stuyver Belgium 22.09-07.10
Nikodem Szpak Germany 17.09-06.10
Maria Vozmediano Spain 22.09-07.10
Dietrich Wolf Germany 23.09-29.09

Please, visit this site regularly as dates and participants may change. We will do our best to keep the information up to date. If you may have interest in participate in this gathering, please contact CiC.

stegmann (at)