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Transport at the Nanoscale

25 - 29 September 2017
Centro Internacional de Ciencias
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Conference photo:


Transport at the nanoscale can be described within various formalisms and can relate to different quantities being 

transported. This conference aims at bringing together experts from different fields

to encourage fruitful interactions between them, focusing on the following areas:

Graphene & 2D Materials

Molecules, Nanoribbons & Nanotubes

Chiral Matter & Weyl Semimetals

Charge, Heat & Spin Transport

Energy Dissipation & Conversion


Salvador Barraza-Lopez -- USA --

Jose Eduardo Barrios-Vargas -- Mexico --

Claudia Bautista -- Mexico --

Andrés Botello -- Mexico --

Raul Bustos-Marún -- Argentina --

Ramon Carrillo-Bastos -- Mexico --

Pavel Castro-Villarreal -- Mexico --

Juan Diego Chang -- Guatemala --

Nahum Chavez -- Mexico -- nahumcald~A~gmail-com

Matias Berdakin -- Chile --

Angela Camacho de la Rosa -- Mexico --

Luca Celardo -- Mexico --

Michael Deffner -- Germany --

Dan Diaz -- Mexico --

Luis Foà-Torres -- Chile --

Ignacio Franco -- USA --

Patricio Gracia -- Mexico --

Jovani Guzman -- Mexico --

Eric Heller -- USA --

Carmen Herrmann -- Germany --

Susanne Kröncke -- Germany --

Francois Leyvraz -- Mexico --

Axel Lorke -- Germany --

Francesco Mattiotti -- Italy --

Vladimiro Mujica -- USA --

Gerardo Naumis -- Mexico --

Abraham Nitzan -- USA --

Mauricio Oliva -- Mexico --

Adrian Ortega -- Mexico --

Yenni Ortiz -- Mexico --

Outmane Oubram -- Mexico --

Julio Palma -- USA --

Horacio Pastawski -- Argentinia --

Isaac Rodríguez-Vargas -- Mexico --

Rogelio Rodríguez-González -- Mexico --

Fernando Rojas-Íñiguez -- Mexico --

Pedro Roman-Taboada -- Mexico --

Emerson Sadurní -- Mexico --

Nancy Sandler -- USA --

Laura Serkovic-Loli -- Mexico --

Thomas Stegmann -- Mexico --

Thomas Seligman -- Mexico --

Thijs Stuyver -- Belgium --

Nikodem Szpak -- Germany --

María Vozmediano -- Spain --

Dietrich Wolf -- Germany --


The conference will take place at the Centro Internacional de Ciencias AC, which is located on the campus of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


If you are interested to participate or if you have further questions, please contact:

Conference fee:

150 US Dollars or 75 US Dollars for students. 

The conference fee includes coffee breaks, lunches and the conference dinner. 

The fee can be payed in US Dollars, Euros or Mexican Pesos. Cash and Travel checks are welcome. Personal checks and credit cards can not be accepted. Please contact the organizers, if your situation requieres a waiver of these fees. 


We can recommend the following hotels:

The Hotel Spa Posada Tlaltenango is the official conference hotel. It offers a special rate of 800 Mexican Pesos per night including breakfast, or 700 Mexican Pesos per night without breakfast. Please contact the organizers ( if you are interested to make a reservation.

Arrival Information:

Arriving at the airport in Mexico City, you can take an autobus going directy to Cuernavaca. The company is called "Pullman de Morelos". At terminal 1, the ticket counter is located inside the airport on the second floor (flights arrive on the first floor).  At terminal 2, the ticket counter is located outside the arrival area. All busses leave from terminal 1, but stop at terminal 2. Buses operate from 4:00 to 0:30, approximately every 30 minutes. The ticket costs 250 Mexican Pesos (14 US Dollars). It takes about 90 minutes to Cuernavaca, depending on the traffic. You will arrive in Cuernavaca at the "Casino de la Selva" bus station, where you can take a taxi. We recommend to buy the taxi ticket inside the bus station at the counter. A taxi to the recommended hotels is about 50 Mexican Pesos.

Transport in Cuernavaca:

We recommend to use taxis for the transfers between the hotels and the conference site. A taxi from the city-center of Cuernavaca to the  conference site costs about 60 Pesos (3 US Dollars) and takes about 30min.

Scientific Committee:

María Vozmediano (Spain)

Francisco Guinea (Spain)

Horacio Pastawski (Argentinia)

François Leyvraz (Mexico)

Emerson Sadurní (Mexico)

Carmen Herrmann (Germany)

Nikodem Szpak (Germany)

Massimiliano Di Ventra (USA)

Douglas Klein (USA)

Tomaz Prozen (Slovenia)


Thomas Stegmann

François Leyvraz

Yenni Ortiz

Carmen Herrmann

Adrian Ortega

Carlos Gonzalez


Last update: 12 October 2017