Academic Year 2014

Random (Matrix Theory) Event
This workshop on random matrix theory will focus on new developments in the design of random matrix models for new applications as well as on progress in the calculation of the relevant integrals to obtain analytic and numerical results for random matrix models.

Centro Internacional de Ciencias
Cuernavaca, Mexico, July 21th to 25th, 2014

Thomas H. Seligman (Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM)
Yenni P. Ortiz (Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM)
Carlos F. Pineda (Instituto de Física, UNAM)
Luis Benet (Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM)

We thank to Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (proyecto PAPIIT IG101113) for financial assistance.

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Luis Benet (UNAM) benet XarX
Moisés Carrera (UAEM) moises_cuantum XarX
Barbara Dietz (Darmstadt, Technische Universitat Darmstadt) dietz XarX
Jorge Flores (UNAM) jfv XarX
Diego Espitia (UNAM) gkhan1256 XarX
Carlos Gonzalez (UNAM) carlosgg XarX
Francis Gonzalez (UNAM) francisco.glz.mty XarX
Thomas Gorin (U. Guadalajara) thomas.gorin XarX
VKB Kota (PRL, India) vkbkota XarX
Christof Jung (UNAM) jung XarX
Francois Leyvraz (UNAM) f_leyvraz2001 XarX
Paulino Monrroy (UNAM) espaulino XarX
Jose Morales (UNAM) maj006 XarX
Hector Moreno (UAEM) morenocarrion XarX
Susana Ochoa (UNAM) susy_up XarX
Hugo Ortega (UNAM) jivifair XarX
Harinder Pal (UNAM) harinder101 XarX
Carlos Pineda (UNAM) carlospgmat03 XarX
Miguel Prado (U. Guadalajara) prado_angel92 XarX hotmail.comm
Alexander Ramirez (U. Guadalajara) arb3130 XarX
Thomas Seligman (UNAM) seligman44 XarX
Pragya Shukla (Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur) shukla XarX phy.iitkgp.ernet.inx
Mauricio Torres (UNAM) Mauricio.Torres XarX
Jorge Valdés (UNAM ) jorgemv309 XarX
Imre Varga (BUTE Institute of Physics) varga XarX
Jacobus Verbaarschot (Stony Brook University ) jv XarX
Manan Vyas (UNAM) mananvyas2 XarX
Vinayak (UNAM) vinayaksps2003 XarX
Marko Znidaric (Ljubljana) marko.znidaric XarX

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