Academic Year 2012

Superintegrability, Exact Solvability, and Special Functions

February 20-24th, 2012

Local Organizing Commitee:

Natig M. Atakishiyev, Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM
Gennadiy N. Burlak, CIICAP, UAEM
Jared Figueroa Cervantes, Grad-FC, ICF-UNAM
Johnny Méndez Franco, Grad-FC, IM-UNAM
Kurt Bernardo Wolf, Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM

International Organizing Comitee:

Ernest G. Kalnins, (New Zealand)
Willard Miller Jr., (USA)
George S. Pogosyan, (Armenia, Russia and Mexico)
Sarah Post, (USA and Canada)
Pavel Winternitz, (Canada)
Kurt Bernardo Wolf, (Mexico)

International Advisory Committee:

Costas Daskaloyannis, University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Jeff Geronimo, Georgia Tech., USA.
Bogdan Mielnik, CINVESTAV, Mexico.
Manuel F. Rañada, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain.
Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski, Linköping University, Sweden.
Piergiulio Tempesta, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
Andrey V. Tsiganov, St. Petersburg State University, Russia.
An important class of physical systems has been called superintegrable because they admit more integrals of motion than degrees of freedom. These integrals form interesting nonabelian algebras, usually finitely generated polynomial ones. Historically the best known superintegrable systems were the Coulomb-Kepler system and the harmonic oscillator. Presently, infinite families of such systems are known and have applications in areas ranging from elementary particle physics to semiconductors and aeronautical engineering. Their mathematical applications mainly concern special function theory, and in particular orthogonal polynomials of continuous and discrete variables.

The participation fee will be US$200 for researchers and US$50 for graduate students.
The monies will be administrated by the Centro Internacional de Ciencias AC.
This page will be updated according to progress in the organization.

During the following week, February 27 – March 2, there will be a Gathering at CIC,
for a smaller number of participants interested in continuing interaction with their colleagues,
in a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to joint work.

For more information about the event, please contact:
Kurt Bernardo Wolf, ICF-UNAM:
Tel.: (+52-777) 317-3388

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Arrival Information
Please, visit this site regularly as dates and participants may change. We will do our best to keep the information up to date. If you may have interest in participate in this gathering, please contact CiC.

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