Academic Year 2015

Gathering on
"Random matrix theory, correlations and long tail distributions"

Centro Internacional de Ciencias
Cuernavaca, México,
August 22 - September 12, 2015


L. Benet, ICF-UNAM
U. Kuhl, Université de Nice
F. Leyvraz, ICF-UNAM
F. Mortessagne, Université de Nice
T. H. Seligman, ICF-UNAM
T. Stegmann, ICF-UNAM
R. Weaver, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Centro Internacional de Ciencias

Instituto de Ciencias Físicas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Tuesday - August 25
11:00 Raphael Mendez
“Introduction to elasticity experiments”

12:00 Raphael Mendez and John Alexander Franco
“Lab tour”

17:00 Carlos Gonzales
“Spin systems”

Wednesday - August 26
12:30 Jean-Baptiste Gros
“Fidelity interferometer”

17:30 Sarira Sahu
“Some possible sources of IceCube TeV-PeV neutrino events” (Colloquium at Physics Institute)

Thursday - August 27
12:00 Henning Schomerus
“Delay times in chiral ensembles -- signatures of chaotic scattering from Majorana zero mode”

17:00 Elie Chéron
“Identification of a parietal preasure field induced by a turbulent air flow from vibration measurements”

Friday - August 28
12:30 Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann
“A pedestrian approach to supersymmetry”

17:00 Harinder Pal
“Semi-classical approximation via Generalized Gaussian Wave Packet Dynamics”

Monday - September 7
12:30 Ulrich Kuhl
“Correlated Disorder in Microwave Waveguides”

17:00 Moises Carrera
“Non Markovianity in a Qubit Coupled to a RMT Environment”

Tuesday - September 8
12:30 Julian Böhm

17:00 Thomas H. Seligman
Random matrix ensembles for density matricies

Wednesday - September 9
12:30 Barbara Dietz

17:30 Ulrich Kuhl

Thursday - September 10
12:30 Manan Vyas
Random matrix ensembles for complex quantum systems

17:00 Tobias Weich