Centro de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM

Cuernavaca, México

August 16th to 20th, 2004.


				Chairman : Jac Verbaarschot

9:30 9:35
Jorge Flores (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
9:35 10:15 Hans Weidenmüller (MPI, Heidelberg)
A Tribute to Thomas Seligman on the Occasion of his
60th Birthday

10:15 10:45 Linda Reichl (University of Texas, Austin)
Chaos Assisted Adiabatic Passage
10:45 11:15 Andre Carvalho (MPI, Dresden)
Chaos Assisted Diffusion in the Kicked Harmonic

 11:15 12:00 coffee

12:00 12:30 Marcos Moshinsky (Colegio Nacional, Mexico City)
Elementary Non-Integrable Problems and their

Implications for Quantum Chaos

12:30 13:00 Bernhard Mehlig (University of Gothenburg)
Liapunov Spectrum of Inertial Particles in Turbulent

13:00 15:00 lunch

Chairman : Vladimir Kravtsov

 15:00 15:45
Jac Verbaarschot (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Replicas Do the Trick

15:45 16:15
Jorge Flores (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
Symmetry Violation in Elastic Vibrations in Rods:
Experiment and Theory

16:15 16:45 Diego Vaz Bevilaqua (Harvard University)
Fidelity Decay for Phase-Space Displacements

16:45 17:30 coffee

17:30 18:15 Gary Mitchell (TUNL/Duke University, Durham)
Missing and Spurious Levels in RMT

18:15 18:45
Taro Nagao (University of Nagoya)
Parametric Level Statistics of Quantum Graphs


				Chairman : Hans A. Weidenmüller

9:30 10:15 Oriol Bohigas (LPTMS, Orsay)
Coexistence of Regular and Chaotic Dynamics in the
Nuclear Ground State

10:15 10:45 Jorge Hirsch (ICN/UNAM, Mexico City)
A Bound for Quantum Chaos in Nuclear Mass

10:45 11:15
Sven Åberg (University of Lund)
Low-Energy Properties in a Two-Body Random
Matrix Model

11:15 12:00

12:00 12:30
Sergey Kun (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
Quantum Chaos Needs not Lead to Meltdown in
Quantum Computers

12:30 13:00 Thomas Papenbrock (ORNL, Oak Ridge)
Distribution of Spectral Widths and Preponderance of

the Spin-0 Ground States in Nuclei

13:45 15:00 lunch

Chairman : Linda Reichl

15:00 15:45 Hans Weidenmüller (MPI, Heidelberg)
Origin of Chaos in Nuclei: Rôle of Symmetries

15:45 16:30 Yoram Alhassid (Yale University)
Chaos and Interactions in Quantum Dots
16:30 17:15 coffee

17:15 17:45 Lev Kaplan (Tulane University, New Orleans)
Interaction Matrix Element Fluctuations in Quantum

17:45 18:15 Caio Lewenkopf (University of Rio de Janeiro)
Adiabatic Spin and Electron Pumping through Chaotic
Quantum Dots

18:15 18:45 Rafael Méndez (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
Distribution of the Reflection Coefficients for Chaotic
with Absorption and Direct Processes

 	  			morning excursion 


Chairman : Uzy Smilansky

 15:00 15:45 Mark Raizen (University of Texas, Austin)
Bose-Einstein Condensation as a New Testing Ground

for Quantum Chaos

15:45 16:15 Felix Izrailev (BUAP, Puebla)
Chaos in a Quantum Model of Bose-Einstein

16:15 17:00 coffee

17:00 17:45 Wolfgang Schleich (University of Ulm)
Wave Packet Dynamics, Quantum Carpets and
Factorization of Numbers

17:45 18:15 Andreas Buchleitner (MPI, Dresden)
Nondispersive Wave Packets in Theory and Experiment

18:15 18:45 Tomaz Prosen (University of Ljubljana)
Quantum Freeze of Fidelity Decay


				Chairman : Yoram Alhassid

   9:30   10:15         Horacio Pastawski (University of Cordoba)
                               The Two Loschmidt Daemons and the Origin of Infidelity

 10:15 	 10:45 		Rudi Schäfer (University of Marburg) 
Measurement of the Fidelity Amplitude in Microwave

10:45 11:15 Antonio Méndez (MPI, Göttingen)
The Twilight Zone in the Parametric Evolution of Wave
Functions: Beyond Perturbation Theory and

11:15 12:00 coffee

12:00 12:30 Holger Schanz (MPI, Göttingen)
Eigenfunction Structure from Short-Time Semiclassics

12:30 13:00 Doron Cohen (Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva)
The Quantum Chaos Limit of Perturbation Theory: From
the Analysis of Wave Functions to the Implications on
Pumping, Dissipation and Decoherence

13:00 15:00 lunch

15:00 16:15 poster session

Chairman : Oriol Bohigas

 16:15 16:45 Thomas Dittrich (UNAL, Bogotá)
Semiclassical Propagation of Quantum Coherence in
Phase Space: Coping with Heller's Arguments

16:45 17:15 Marko Znidaric (University of Lubljana)
Can Quantum Chaos Enhance Stability of Quantum


17:15 18:00 coffee

18:00 18:30 Imre Varga (Technical University of Budapest)
Phase-Space Visualization of the Metal-Insulator

18:30 19:00 Vladimir Kravtsov (ICTP, Trieste)
Dynamic Localization in Time-Dependent Random
Matrix Theory

19:00 19:30 Mauricio Pato (University of São Paolo)
Generalized Matrix Ensembles

				party at Thomas' cave

Evening Talk by Jorge Flores (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca): Thomas in Mexico


				Chairman : Giulio Casati

9:30 10:15 Peter Braun (University of Essen)
Semiclassical Foundation of Universality in Quantum

10:15 10:45 François Leyvraz (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
Some Exact Results for Many Interacting Two-Level
Boson Systems

10:45 11:15 Florentino Borondo (University of Madrid)
Classical Invariants in Quantum Mechanics

11:15 12:00 coffee

12:00 12:30 Vladimir Kazakov (ENS, Paris)
1/N Expansion and Non-Perturbative Effects in Matrix

12:30 13:00 Heiner Kohler (University of Heidelberg)
A Supersymmetric Extension of Models for Interacting
Two Sets of Particles

13:00 15:00 lunch

Chairman : Thomas Guhr

 15:00 15:45 Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)
Can One Count the Shape of a Drum?

15:45 16:15 Tilo Wettig (University of Regensburg)
Color-Flavor Transformation and Application to Lattice

 16:15 	 16:45 		Antonio García-García (LPTMS, Orsay) 
The Anderson Transition in Non-Random Hamiltonians

16:45 17:30 coffee

17:30 18:00 Christof Jung (CCF/UNAM, Cuernavaca)
Chaos versus Assignment in Molecular Vibrations

 18:00 18:45 Giulio Casati (University of Como)
On the Stability of Quantum Motion

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