You have to make your own accommodation arrangements. If you need assistance or any help, please contact our secretary Angelina Rebolledo (rebolledo @, or Luis Benet.  When you book your reservation, please quote as reference the Symposion "QUANTUM CHAOS IN THE 21ST CENTURY". Otherwise, the hotel administration will get confused and apply standard prices.

ALL PRICES are given in mexican pesos (approximately, 11.35 MXP = 1 USD)

(Reasonably close from downtown and the University)
Privada Eucalipto 77, Col. Jardines de Tlatenango
Tels: +52+777+3132525
Fax:  +52+777+3130395
Contact:  Nancy Britt (

Single room:    550.00 (includes taxes)
Double room:  750.00 (includes taxes)
Breakfast:          65.00 + 15% taxes  =  74.75

(Closer to the University, located in the fresh part of the City)
Calle Nardo 202, Col. Rancho Cortes
Tel and fax:   +52+777+3174154,  01 800 990 4100
Contact:  Maribel Sequeira  (

Single room:    729.00
Double room:  416.00
Triple room:    361.00

Prices are per person per day. 
The price includes also breakfast and taxes.

(Closer to downtown, but still with easy transportation to the University)
Av. Domingo Diez 1099, Col. del Empleado
Tels:  +52+777+3132444
(Ask for fax tone):   +52+777+3132408
Contact:   Lourdes Osorio (

Standard room:    543.00 (1 person),  668.00 (2 persons)
Junior suite:         616.00 (1 person),  742.00 (2 persons)

Prices include breakfast and taxes. A 4% is charged if you pay with credit card.

For Saturday night, there is a change in the price: for 1 or 2 persons, including
taxes but no breakfast the prices are:

Standard room:    744.00 (1 person)
Junior suite:         850.00 (1 person)

Youth hostel VILLA CALMECAC (ecoturistic hostel):
(Excellent option for students and weekend's brunch)
Zacatecas 114, esq Tanque, Col Buenavista
Tels and fax:  +52+777+3132918
Contact:  Isabel Cruz (

Price per person: 190.00 (with breakfast)
                               275.00 (with breakfast and dinner)

Prices without taxes; taxes (17%) are charged if you requiere invoice.